MarkitSERV for OTC Equity Derivatives
Manage trade risk for over-the-counter (OTC) equity derivatives with an electronic network to exchange trade data, confirm transactions and achieve straight-through processing (STP).
MarkitSERV Services

Whether you are on the buy or sell side, the MarkitSERV platform offers several choices to communicate with your counterparties and clearers, and provides a consistent workflow from confirmations to corporate actions processing.

Product coverage 
MarkitSERV handles a broad spectrum of equity derivative products on a global scale, ensuring that every industry-published contract is eligible for electronic confirmation and life-cycle event processing, thereby meeting the goals of operational efficiency and infrastructural resiliency in one centralized, secure location.

Single-name index and share transactions in each of the major regions (Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific) for the following products are readily available:

  • options, total return swaps, variance swaps, dividend swaps, and corresponding sub-products including variance, barrier, spread, butterfly, straddle, strangle and cliquet options, and dispersion variance swaps.
Sell side 
Both MarkitWire and DSMatch provide seamless links between the sell side and their counterparties to execute trade-date legal confirmations.
Buy side 
MarkitWire and DSMatch are offered free to the buy side. Other services that enable cross-asset centralization and workflow processing, including MarkitSERV Trade Manager and Tie-Outs, are available to meet operational efficiency needs.
Master Confirmation Agreements (MCAs)

Leading industry participants are committed to the creation of an environment where frequently traded products are supported by streamlined documentation using Master Confirmation Agreements (MCAs). MarkitSERV actively participates in all ISDA® working groups tasked to create and publish MCAs, analyzing the documentation and providing insight related to ultimate standardisation and electronic processing to the MarkitWire and DSMatch services. As a pre-requisite to confirming a transaction with either service, parties must have the applicable product MCA and ISDA® Master Agreement executed.

MarkitSERV will continue to develop new services for equity derivatives in line with the published MCAs, and provide guidance to the industry for efficient and streamlined processing.

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